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All that you love will be carried away




That’s right. Starting tomorrow at lunch time, I will be on vacation. Admittedly a much shorter vacay than I was originally hoping for, but vacation none the less.

Are you just waiting with bated breath to hear where I’m going? I’ll give you a clue:


No, its not a seminar on those Thomas whoever paintings.

No, it's not a seminar on those Thomas whoever paintings.

It’s Breckenridge!!! That’s right – three (or more, depending on my level of work motivation) days of friends, snow, hot chocolate, books, more snow, hot tubs, fireplaces… 

I almost literally cannot wait. Of course, I’m not packed, I haven’t food shopped, I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing with my cute lil puppers, and I haven’t actually communicated my plans to my bosses very effectively.

So maybe it’s good that I still  have some time.  I’m having a hard time with work/life balance lately, and focusing more on life and less on work is a big part of my happiness project.  This will DEFINITELY help.

Whoop. Whoop.


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