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Really, Apple? Really?

There are so many neat features about this tablet. It’s a good size for web browsing, the depth of screen shown in the pic above is actually (in my opinion) preferable to the flat grey of the Kindle, and hell, apparently it’s only $500. If, of course, you only want Wi-Fi and 16 GB.

I know there are some people out there who do not particularly approve, but I actually sort of wish I hadn’t bought my little netbook six months ago.

Not that my netbook isn't also sized to be quite portable.

I’m not going to buy one, though. You know why, Apple?

You named it the iPad.

Do you have no women on your marketing team? I am not the only person that immediately thought:


Come on, people. The iPod was fine – cute, even. The iPhone made perfect sense. What’s wrong with iTab? iBook? iAnythingThatIsn’tPeriodRelated?

Of course, there are the folks that disagree with my assessment.

This post kicked off a very angry conversation with Chewbacca.

Chewbacca: your fb post made Chewbacca  very angry.

emma: the iPad one?

Chewbacca: yes. You are widening the gap between men and women so we will not get along with each other

Chewbacca: or attempting to.

Chewbacca: it is really mean

emma: it’s not me

emma: it’s Apple naming it the iPad

Chewbacca: no. its that you have no other thought than to associate to “girl power”

Chewbacca: what other words isn’t apple allowed to use?

emma: i’m just sayin it’s bad marketing

Chewbacca: I am not sure I am gonna let my wife hang out with you anymore.

emma: ha

Chewbacca: until you show signs of supporting the opposite sex as much or more than your own.

emma: more, huh?

Chewbacca: well you have dug yourself quite a hole to get out of…..missy

There you go. Not only is the iPad an awesome little tablet thingy, it’s name is going to be the last straw in the battle of the sexes.

Really, Apple?


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rise up with fists

I think I’m getting weirder in my old age – or if not weirder, crankier. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m looking forward to being an old lady, as it will allow me to audition for old lady movie rolls and wear and say whatever I want.

Turns out I’m not necessarily waiting for oldness.

After the slumber party on Saturday night, I informed the boy that he’d be taking me to dinner and a movie, with both the restaurant and movie being my choice – unless of course I didn’t feel like making the choice, in which case he had to choose but he had better choose something I would have chosen myself if I’d been able to choose.

The whole movie thing didn’t work out, because Avatar is three freaking hours long. Does the Hollywood industrial complex not appreciate the subtleties of my bladder size? Particularly when, while in birthday princess mode, I insist on having a drink or two beforehand? We skipped it in favor of going round most of our favorite Boulder restaurants and eating whatever I felt like eating at each place.

Which was apparently queso fundido, fried pickles (how have I not eaten fried pickles before? That shit is GENIUS), and coconut carrot soup.

And at every place, I confidently and àpropos of nothing informed our server that it was my birthday. Like an awesome old lady would. It totally earned me a free dessert. When I’m an old lady, my life is going to be nothing but free desserts.

Also, today I’m dressed like a gypsy. Because I felt like it.

Gypsy dressing.

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the tiniest sprinter gets and loses a girlfriend

me: i forgot to tell you something funny

there is a girl on my derby team named nicolette

and when i met her someone said she should marry my brother

and i said that i’d introduce you

but she’d have to steal you from your girlfriend

and that you were 25

and she’s like 32

and we decided that you were dating but then the age difference and the girlfriend thing were just too hard

and you had to break up

and then i took her picture

so you could see your ex girlfriend that you never met

and she said to tell you it was the best 30 second long distance relationship of her life

Sam: excellent

me: sending it now

Sam: we would have dark haired children with excellent cheekbones

me: that you would

The Ex Future Mrs. Tiniest Sprinter

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