last one – promise

I swear. After this you will never see the words Black Devil Doll on this blog ever again.

Remember yesterday when I basically said ‘to each his own’?
That was before someone logged on as the black devil doll and said that he’d “give it to me hard”. And said that people who take a doll raping a woman seriously is stupid.

People who don’t take a doll raping a woman seriously don’t understand what rape is. People who think that exploitation is like pizza don’t understand exploitation. I’m actually a little disgusted with myself for giving them so much space, but I can’t let these comments go by. Never again, though – there’s not a lot lower they can go from here.

This was fun yesterday. Now it’s just awful. Remember how classy the writer of Gingerdead Man was when Sam panned his movie? Hat tip to that fellow.



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4 responses to “last one – promise

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  2. joe

    every time some one puts them selves out there through their art and someone critiques their work in a way that they dont like they are gonna be offended, some people just take it better than others. You have a opinion of his work that happens to be the same of ur brother and others that he doesnt like,,,,personally i love b rated movies(cheesy horror)night of the lepus, death race 2000, food of the gods, but his movie didnt offend me nor did it get a smile(if that is what he was going for). i thought it was kinda stupid, a guy with a camera a puppet. thats it.

  3. Black Devil Doll Crew


    You are way off pal. We do not care if people do not like our work. You don’t make a movie like Black Devil Doll and expect people to “like it”. We never in a million years thought we would get ONE good review. We were surprised that the over whelming majority of the reviews have been positive, very surprised. But we found an audience, that cannot be denied.

    We posted her and her brother’s thoughts on our facebook page because it was refreshing to get a negative review, yes refreshing since the film has been praised so much. And we find it funny when the film gets into the hands of people it wasn’t intended for. Black Devil Doll was made for fans of lowbrow, sleaze, cult cinema. And obviously this “film club” is not into that genre, and it makes for an amusing scenario in our opinion. At their expense yes, but amusing nonetheless.

    As for your opinions, sorry you didn’t like it, can’t please everyone. And YES Black Devil Doll is STUPID, its supposed to be stupid, that is the point and its the reason people enjoy it so much. Its all about low brow stupid entertainment, some people can turn their brain off and be entertained by it some can’t. Black Devil Doll is the perfect example of a Love it or hate it type of film. There really is not in between here.

    The bottom line is, the film is not meant to be taken seriously, something this blogger and her brother failed to grasp.

    Shit like, “we hate black people.” The director is BLACK. The producer comes from a bi-racial family and many of the financial backers are black as well.

    The hating women comments are equally unjustified. We all have mothers, wives, girlfriends and daughters which we treat with the utmost respect.

    Black Devil Doll is an exploitation film and a comedy. Relax and good day.

    • emmanation

      Thank you for your input.
      In reply to both you and Joe:
      Criticism hurts, and it’s easy to dismiss it as ‘well, they’re not my target audience’. That may or may not be true – I straight up adore spoofs and cult movies.
      There are many many examples of times when a feminist will object to a statement and the person who made it will say ‘it’s ok, because I was JOKING. God, you’re humorless.’
      I understand that that’s the impasse we’ve reached here. Congratulations on the success of your movie.

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