we are SO unpopular right now

Among people who sometimes maybe get a little carried away.

I mean, we didn’t like the hate in the movie. I guess some people are into that kind of thing.

the two people in the Black Devil Doll fan club hate us and are mocking us on facebook, part 1 A) Just because the tiniest sprinter is 5′ 4″ doesn’t mean he’s a girl. Not that I would mind – I always wanted a sister. But seriously.

B) Yes, these comments show amazing respect for women. Way to prove me wrong.

C) RECKING a grade schooler’s life DOES sound cool! You are so SMART right now!

D) My brother is an amazing fucking writer. You’re the one who commented on his blog ‘you’re retarded’. (Again, way to show that respect that I claimed you didn’t have.)

Moving on.

people who like black devil doll hate us, part 2E) So Shawn Lewis’s plan, in making this movie, was to wreck (spelled correctly this time – someone must have alerted him) people’s lives and get people to hate movies? Noble goal, my friend. Noble goal.

F) Wait – is anyone else seeing that there are only two people participating in this bash? Excepting the fellow that somehow thinks Sam is the one who was calling people retards, of course.

So apparently the man who made Black Devil Doll and his number one fan think that we in the movie club are wrong, and we think they’re wrong.

And you know what? That’s fine. People can like whatever movies they want. My taste is not everyone’s taste. (I feel like such the bigger person right now!)

I shouldn’t have said what I did on twitter. My exact words, introducing my review post, were ‘Our movie club has some serious apologizing to do. So do the people responsible for Black Devil Doll’.  The creator of the movie’s response was ‘Why should we apologize for your rampant stupidity?’. He’s right (about the apology, not about me being stupid). I have no right saying he should apologize. If he’s proud of it, then he is.

Good for him.



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2 responses to “we are SO unpopular right now

  1. Dad

    I googled it when you first started talking about it and have to say it seemed pretty trashy. A GOOD trashy movie is art (sometimes), but this just seemed crude, vulgar. I am proud of you for dissing it. It deserves it.

  2. Dad

    AFTER THOUGHTS – Yes, as concerned citizens, you have every right to ask him to apologize. The fact that someone is proud of their work is not an excuse for racist, sexist garbage. This isn’t HI-ART. There is no message (except the statement it makes about it’s creator and viewers). You have every right to call him on it. You have an obligation! unless you want to live in a society that is awash in that kind of junk.
    Sorry for the rant.

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