If this proves to be a good idea, I’m going to start uploading a Sunday Talky in place of my previous Sunday Best posts.  If it proves to be a bad idea, I… won’t.

Also, do I really smack my lips like that when I talk, or is that a function of being videotaped? I’m hoping for the latter.



Filed under sunday talky, they let me on skates?

4 responses to “talkies

  1. chewie

    Thumbs down on the video… just means you are lazy.

    • emmanation

      Hmm. Ok, acknowledging your point of view. I guess my thought was that a) I haven’t been posting on Sundays anyway, so it wasn’t really a loss and b) videos are actually pretty personal, right? Cause it’s actually straight up me? Maybe not.
      Current votes are trending 2:1 in favor, but everyone in favor knows me personally. Maybe I’m just not as charming as I think I am…but that would be depressing and therefore I’m ruling it out.

    • emmanation

      I know you are but what am I.

  2. Dad

    Stop shaking the camera, I got a headache! Otherwise kinda fun although writing gives you the ability to craft whatever it is that you have to say…. this seamed like stream of thought…… AND WHY WEREN’T CHLOE and MAEDA in IT? HUH?

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