the tiniest sprinter is a party pooper

tiniest sprinter: so how’s the butt?

emma: achy. i think it’s broken.

tiniest sprinter: whaaa? what does that mean? can you still do stuff? we’re talking tailbone here, right?

emma: yeah. tailbone. i think i broke it because the symptoms of bruising are different. it hurts when i sit on it. but not actually more than when i’m not sitting on it. its hard to explain. but i think it’s broken.

tiniest sprinter: i’ve heard they don’t DO anything for it if it’s broken anyway, though, right?

emma: right. maybe tell me to stop skating. and fuck that shit.

tiniest sprinter: you should have the tailbone removed!

emma: i was talking about that last night. and either get it replaced with titanium so i can mess some girls up. or some floppy polymer so i’m all bendy.

tiniest sprinter: or just removed. i doubt it does anything.

emma: ok but imagine if it was titanium. and i could put thread on there and then get a titanium tail and screw it on and off whenever i wanted.

tiniest sprinter: gross. the tail would come out from between your butt cheeks.

emma: wow you are just a serious party pooper today



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4 responses to “the tiniest sprinter is a party pooper

  1. My mom broke her tailbone ice skating when she was pregnant with me. 20 years later, she tried ice skating again and got a concussion and now she has vertigo forever. Apparently ice skating is out to get my mom.

    BTW, You are a masterful blog-plugger. 🙂 You get an A+

    P.S. I love the smiley up in the top right corner. Hidden things make me get all giddy inside. I’m like “I found it! I found it!” And I feel all proud of myself.

    • emmanation

      Right?? The smiley makes me happy too. Smilies anywhere make me happy – I actually have sort of an emoticon problem.
      Thanks for reading :). The boy just IM’d me this:
      “and btw, I already wasted half my morning reading Hyperbole and a Half.”
      I think he wants to marry you. I hope your boyfriend is bigger than mine, because I’d prefer that that didn’t happen.

  2. Betsy

    Freaking LOL hilarious! love it!

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