angels in the architecture

You may remember I shared my Christmas list some time ago (before I discovered the miracle that is Stiletto Spy School, of course). Since I felt it was appropriate to share my list of desires with all you lovely readers, I’m sure you’re dying to know what I actually got. Rest assured, it is nothing but gigantic piles of awesomeness.

From the boy. This is Angel Boy, by Jeremy Charles Burns. I have loved this painting since I first saw it, and apparently the boy was paying attention (three gold stars). It's now hanging at the foot of my bed.

Street Fight, from my genius mother. This is not a painting I requested, just one that she knew I'd love - and she hit the nail on the head. With a force I wouldn't have expected from such a tiny lady.

My dad got me Derek Shepherd, because he's a bloody genius. (Ok fine he got me the Grey's Season 2 DVD - but why quibble over details?)

My father also got me this super-nice-teeny-tiny-two-spout All-Clad saucepan. All-Clad calls it a butter warmer - they must know I'll be using it to melt butter to pour over Derek Shepherd's naked bod... wait, what was I talking about? I've already used it to make hot cocoa. Three times.

Gift from my family of the heart. Very similar to the picture except purpler. Which is totally a word.

Me enjoying the quite lovely sweater I received from the boy's parents. And enjoying some Irish Coffee.

There was of course more. There were books and cookies and laughter and honestly, if the tiniest sprinter had been in town, it would have been the best Christmas ever. It was as close as a girl can hope for, anyway.

Merry Christmas 09, loves. Soon I’ll have to start on my best of the year/decade lists, because heaven forbid I be the only one who doesn’t create them ad infinitum, you know?


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