everybody hurts

Why, oh why, has The Office started sucking so much? No, not being sort of lame – actually physically sucking. When I watch it, I can literally feel my soul being sucked out though my eyeballs. Because The Office sucks that much now.

I used to love The Office. I may have put it in my best of 2008 post (although I’m too lazy to go check at the moment). My sweetie Shovonda made me a mixed-tape-on-CD and the first song was The Office theme song. I follow the damn show on twitter, for heaven’s sake. Do you remember before Netflix used to give you unlimited streaming, and you only got as many hours of streaming as you spent dollars on your subscription? I used an entire month on nothing but The Office.

Have I sufficiently established my cred as an Office lover? Excellent. Let’s recap, shall we?

  1. Season 1. Ok fine, it started with layoffs, which aren’t exactly heartening. That is completely outweighed by the fact that we met everyone, it was hilarious, and we got the intro to the love of Jim and Pam. Oh, and also got to see Jim date Amy Adams. COME ON – best show ever.

    Girl crush, right here.

  2. Season 2. More Jim and Pam (my personal favorite of all the story lines, in case you haven’t caught on). Pam got wasted! The whole office played ‘who would you do?’! Michael continues his unrequited love affair with Ryan in a hilarious way!
  3. Season 3. Oh no, Jim is falling for Karen! Michael makes everyone from Stamford quit!

… as I continue this, I realize that the original seasons sound just as depressing as this one will, when summarized. I have no idea what makes this season so much more depressing. I’ll work on it and get back to you.


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