It’s cold. My nose is an icky mess, even with the tissues that have the lotion that get rid of the little cartoon peoples red noses. I haven’t heard about the derby yet.

But I simply adore this.

Ellen von Unwerth has taken these hundreds of simply amazing photographs of women and put them together into a book called Fraulein, and the entire thing is available to flip through at the link above. I haven’t gone through all the pictures yet (it is 500 pages) but every one I’ve seen reminds me of being at the bar with my girlfriends. These are not pictures taken for the purposes of arousal, despite the scantily clad or sometimes unclothed models. They feel like pictures taken for the models themselves, maybe, or for just people in general. I can’t put my finger on it – Jezebel posited that maybe it’s just the vibe of pictures taken of women by a woman.

Got me, but I love it. If the book weren’t $700 (seriously) I’d put it on my Christmas list.


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