that’ll be the day when you make me cry

American Airlines is trying to make me cry. Ok, if I’m being completely honest, American Airlines has made me cry. I was an exceptionally loyal AA customer when I used to go to Chicago for work – they had flights that allowed me to spend as little time as necessary actually in Chicago. Not that Chicago isn’t great and all… for that one month a year that it isn’t freezing or making me get all with the icky sweatiness.

I’m sorry, I just digressed from my AA rant to a Chicago rant, and I don’t actually even have anything against Chicago. See, AA?? See what you made me do?

Here’s the story. I bought a ticket to go to Rhode Island the summer of 2008 when my dearest darlingest Dawn got married. The morning of that flight, I woke up and I couldn’t find my debit card to get cash to catch the bus to the airport and when I couldn’t find my debit card I fell down on the floor in fetal position sobbing. It occurred to me at that point that something might be wrong, so I took my temperature. It was 102.

Obviously not her husband. Derek is nearly as cute though.

Turns out I had strep and bronchitis. At the same time. I had this idea that I’d get on my antibiotics and catch a plane on Saturday and still make the wedding, but instead I just took my antibiotics and laid in bed crying for a week. Being sick makes me cry even more than talking to airline ‘help’ agents, in case you aren’t catching on.

So I had this airline ticket that was nonrefundable, but that I could trade in for another ticket.

I traded it in on December 15th, 2008, for a ticket to Portland to see the tiniest sprinter. I had to pay an upgrade fee AND the additional cost for the ticket, because I was flying right over Christmas. At this point that ticket had cost me roughly a bajillion dollars (give or take).

And then Portland got hit by an ice storm. Sam’s girlfriend barely made it out and if I’d actually made it to the flight (which did in fact take off) I would have had to hitchhike to Sam’s house and spend the five days hanging out in his living room. Without a working car we wouldn’t have even had access to more booze.

Berries! Covered in ice! You can see how serious the storm was.

Yet again I did not use my ticket – I called in and got a refund number.

I just called them, realizing that it was about to expire. I thought I’d do a little weekend jaunt up to the Northwest, or if they let me I’d have my Dad use it to go see Sam. I thought it expired on Christmas, since that’s when I was going to use it.

Silly silly me – it expired the date of purchase. So I should technically have 8 days left to use it. Except awesomely, they mean original date of purchase. So the whole ticket, including the extra cash I had to lay out for the awesome Christmas flight, expired in March, since that’s when I’d bought the tickets for Dawn’s wedding.

I am aware that this information was probably available to me in some teeny tiny print or way down on one of those scrolly things that you have to click to say you agree. That doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. Stupid American Airlines. I like Frontier better anyway, dammit – they let me have my own TV. And I love TV as much as I hate American Airlines.  So there.



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4 responses to “that’ll be the day when you make me cry

  1. Dad

    My $240 ticket to go see Joce in January cost me $430 after I’d canceled a flight in November and thought I’d have credit but by the time they screw you with this additional charge and that little item there you wind up owing THEM money.

    First ones against the wall come the revolution! Followed by insurance companies, cell phone companies, and __________ (fill in the blank).


  2. Dawn

    I didn’t know it was THAT ticket that you were looking to refund. Even sadder that you can’t use it to come see us in December… BUT, I say it will really get them back if you fly Frontier or Southwest out in the upcoming months and see us anyway. I’m sure there’ll be some cheap sales…. and I’ll send ’em your way.

    But still, this is unbelievably shitty. 😦 Boo, AA. I actually never liked them… so many better airlines out there – although they mostly suck when it comes to rescheduling too.

    • samburglar

      how did i not know about any of these proposed trips to portland?

      • emmanation

        You knew about all these trips!! Remember when we jointly decided that I shouldn’t fly out on Christmas? And when I asked for good dates to come visit this month? How quickly we forget.

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