bring up your seat back please, she says

Remember a little while ago I had an interview? If you recall, I didn’t end it feeling particularly upbeat. The Prospective New Boss closed with telling me I could expect to see official internal interviews pop up on my calendar any day now. For days and days, that did not happen, and I was not shocked.

Then yesterday, it did! Not just one, but TWO interviews were scheduled for this week. So either I didn’t blow that first one as badly as I thought, or no one else applied for the job and I’m getting interviews by default. I prefer to believe the prior, for obvious reasons.

My interviewer today was actually a friend of mine – lets call him Buddy On The Team. BOTT doesn’t work for PNB, but he does work with him every day and did interview the other candidates. He and I have been at several joint happy hours and he gave me the lowdown on the job prior to my applying, so I expected this to be a serious softball. As you can tell from this word for word transcript:

BOTT: Hey! How’s it going? Sorry I’m late.

Me: No worries.

BOTT peruses my resume, clearly for the first time.

BOTT: Huh. I didn’t know any of this about you, but clearly you’re a pimp.

Me: Awesome. Wanna go get a beer?

BOTT: I should probably ask you a couple of questions.

Me: Sigh.

BOTT: Ok, how about you answer this: [hardest question ever]?

Me: … seriously?

BOTT: Yeah.

Me: [Best answer ever]

BOTT using a Barney Stinson voice: NAILed it!

Me: I know, right?

End of interview.


It’s possible that that’s not exactly what happened – but what are the chances of that?



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One response to “bring up your seat back please, she says

  1. Dad

    Good luck, bon chance, buena fortuna, buono fortuna!

    “and then the Captain speaks, it’s clear and 44 degrees”….

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