can you mime dead?

My header picture was taken when I was in Napa Valley a couple of years ago. That was such a fantastic trip (BIG SIGH). I really kind of want a vacation this very second, but I will settle for telling you about the FABulousness of last time. I’ll be going back any day now.

me and the girls in napa valley with a big wine bottleMy travelling buddies Kristen and Leslie. Leslie’s birthday was the reason for the season.. and by season, I mean vacation.

grapes in napaWe saw some grapes. Well, lots of grapes. Every time we saw a new grape plant, I would scream ‘BABY GRAPES’ as loud as physically possible, which is pretty loud when you’ve had several glasses of wine. My friends started calling me ‘baby g’ for the remainder of the trip – I’m fairly sure they should have been calling me ‘irritating brat’ instead.

girls and a cardboard billionaireWe met this very handsome man above. He was cardboard. Based on the groping my hand is doing and the intensity of the red wine stain on my lips, I’m not sure I knew he was cardboard. The real man is the owner of that particular vineyard (I forget which one it was) and a billionaire, so you can’t blame a girl for wishing.

leslie doing the happy wine danceWe did a happy wine dance.

emma doing the happy wine danceAnd vamped it up every chance we got.


And that was my Napa Valley experience! Please note that I did in fact change shirts several times during the week – apparently I just felt that the ones with me in my Format (may-they-rest-in-peace) shirt were the best, since they’re the only ones I can find.

Aren’t you jealous? Don’t you want to go? … Sigh. Me too.




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2 responses to “can you mime dead?

  1. Dad

    I went on vacation once. I got the car stuck in sand. I was eaten alive by mosquitoes. I slept in a motel that was sooooo seedy I was not even the slightest bit embarrassed by bringing in my pistol and putting it under the pillow. Vacations usually suck…. except for yours. I’m friggin’ jealous. – D

    p.s. – It just occurred to me that your vacation may not have been as good as you remembered it…. after all, you were DRUNK!

  2. Napa post! Hurray. Am I jealous? Yes. Do I want to go? Also yes.

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