the thinking woman's crumpet

Dear loyal reader Dad, you might want to skip this post. Just sayin’.

I just renewed my subscription to Filament magazine, and I could not be more excited.  Admittedly the only issue I’ve seen is the first, but I have to trust that it will just keep getting better and better.

Filament, by its own description, is 72 quarterly pages of intelligent thought and beautiful men.

That’s right. Beautiful men. Oh right, and intelligent thought. And beautiful men. And did I mention that those beautiful men are in various stages of undress? Including full undress? The images skew slightly romantic/goth, as you can sort of see from the cover of Issue 1.

Well hi there.


The genius creator of this mag, Suraya Singh, used to be a British civil servant. She was apparently in the market for a smart yet sexy magazine for women, and basically had to choose between Playgirl and Cosmo. Playgirl, as I understand it, is mostly geared towards gay male readers. Prior to the recent decision to include Levi Johnston, of course – not that gay men won’t appreciate them some Levi, but I’m hearing women get excited about the mag for the first time ever. Cosmo treats sex like just one of the many skills you need to master to catch yourself a man. Neither is erotic in the way smart women find to be stimulating (in both senses of the word).

I was going to post a shirtless picture of the adorable Levi, because that's the kind of post this is, but the only one I could find had his baby in it. And that's creepy.


Anyway, I’m pumped. Since it has to come from England and since there is very little advertising, at least so far, it’s not the cheapest subscription ever. I don’t care. I can’t wait for my next issue.

I can’t locate any pics from the mag, and they’d be mostly NSFW even if I could, so I’ll leave you with these instead. The first is a gift from me to the side of you that loves a man out of uniform. The second is a gift from me to the side of you that loves a man from Lost – although probably not the man you think.

Helllooooo Sailor.

Hurley. And Christie Brinkley. Together at last.





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3 responses to “the thinking woman's crumpet

  1. toestor

    Aaah those romantic Germans, putting together Christie B. and Jorge H., haha.

    Yes, I am German (and not umpteenth generation either), so I am only being slightly ironic here.

    I like your pic selection.

  2. Dad

    Page 17, bottom right…. woo hooo!!! – D

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