hilarity ensues

My happiness project hasn’t been going so well lately – mostly cause I’ve been ignoring it, I suspect. But happiness is like a lil flower… it needs tending to grow. Hahahahhahaha.



Sorry, I know that isn’t particularly funny. I’m not having a great day, honestly. My head hurts, I’m this strange combination of overworked and bored, and I’m having some personal life … issues. But this blog isn’t about me, damn it, it’s about – um – me.

SO. What with it being VERY close to the first of April, I’m renewing my dedication to this whole happiness project thing. Full force, not all half assed like before.

According to the awesome Gretchen Rubin, each month should have a happiness resolution of some kind, and each resolution should be broken down into several things that you make sure to do each day.  For me, coming up with that kind of thing does NOT help my happiness, so I’m just going to steal one of her months.  Because today I’m very very cranky, I’m going to go with her November. Resolution? Laugh Out Loud – perfect offset to crankiness.

Yep, this is how cranky I am. I havent twittered and have barely facebooked at all today.

Yep, this is how cranky I am. I have barely tweeted and facebooked at ALL. Seriously. If you know me, you're concerned right now.

So, my April.  Every day in April, with a goal towards Laughing Out Loud, I will:

  • Tell the truth -Not on Gretchen’s, but I’ve been slacking on the whole radical honesty thing and I kind of liked it while I was doing it.-
  • Laugh out loud drr.-
  • Find an area of refuge -Does under my covers count? Cause I could so be happy there right now.-
  • Say yes, agree, applaud Ok, I like this one. See, I’m starting to feel happier already.-
  • Look for ways to help -Wow, this is going to make me an awesome person to be around.-
  • Don’t talk about aggravations -So far… failure.-
  • Be easy to please -K.-
  • Crank up my energy -Am I allowed to use stimulants, you think?-
  • Speak with good cheer -Generally do. Am sometimes seething behind. Will attempt to knock that off.-

Ok. This is a wonderful idea. I’m going to get started right now. All I need is a joke to laugh at, someone to be nice to, someone to tell the truth to, and a place to hide.



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2 responses to “hilarity ensues

  1. samburglar

    so there’s this penguin, and he’s having car troubles. he takes his car in to a mechanic, and the mechanic tells him he’ll take a look at it, and that the penguin should come back in an hour. the penguin says sure, and heads out. he gets board waiting around, so he waddles over to an outdoor mall to pass some time. he checks out a few shops, but there’s nothing he really wants, so he decides to walk back to the mechanic’s. along the way, he passes an ice cream stand. naturally, penguins love ice cream, so he stops to buy a cone. he takes a while to choose his flavor, but he eventually decides on vanilla. with his cone in wing, he starts waddling back to see what the status of his car is. since he can’t really walk smoothly, being a penguin and all, he ends up getting ice cream all over his face as he eats it. it covers his beak, and dribbles down his neck, but he doesn’t have any napkins, so he doesn’t worry about it. he finishes his snack just as he gets to the shop. he looks through the window, and sees that the mechanic is still looking at his car. tired of killing time, the penguin walks in and stands next to the mechanic. the mechanic notices him, puts down his rag, closes the hood, turns to the penguin, and says “looks like you blew a seal.” the penguin says, “no, that’s just ice cream.”

  2. samburglar

    are you dead or something? post, sister, post!

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